Simulation of Policy based Networks through Differentiated Service Levels using Arena Simulation Software

K.V. Nagarajan, P. Vial, and G. Awyzio (Australia)


SLA, ARENA Software, Policy Services and Network Simulation.


Large internet environments are increasing the difficulty of network management. Network managers face a serious problem in controlling user based services and packet delays across the network. One of the main areas that requires attention is how to effectively manage corporate network costs and allocate usage based services. This paper presents a new network simulation model that helps to investigate importance of including users in the network design and study how to effectively manage user usage based resources by having differentiated services. The simulation package chosen was ARENA. Through this simulation usability characteristics of users that designers may overlook can be identified. Simulations are very useful to understand network traffic patterns in large organizations so that they are able to achieve the best network performance. The simulation model collects statistics about users, service type to be provided for various user groups, manage user resources and thus reduces network downtime. Network time based analysis through queueing theory principles helps us to avoid congestion in network and facilitates effective network administration.

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