The MOSIX Parallel I/O System for Scalable I/O Performance

L. Amar, A. Barak, and A. Shiloh (Israel)


Cluster computing, MOSIX, parallel I/O, scalable I/O.


This paper presents the MOSIX Scalable Parallel In put/Output (MOPI) system that uses the process migration capability of MOSIX for parallel access to segments of data that are scattered among different nodes. MOSIX is a Unix based, cluster operating system that already supports pre emptive process migration for load-balancing and memory ushering. MOPI supports splitting files to several nodes. It can deliver a high I/O performance by migrating parallel processes to the respective nodes that hold the data, as op posed to the traditional way of bringing the file’s data to the processes. The paper describes the MOSIX infrastructure for supporting parallel file operations and the functions of MOPI. It then presents the performance of MOPI for some data intensive application and its scalability.

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