Automatic Improvement of Scheduling Policies in Parsley Parallel Programming Environment

M. Sekijima, S. Takasaki, S. Nakamura, and K. Shimizu (Japan)


parallel programming environment, task scheduling,adaptive load balancing, molecular dynamics


Parsley is a parallel programming environment that provides the scheduling policies adopted to the hardware architecture and the structures of application programs. In Parsley, application programs are divided into subtasks that can run serially or in parallel. It provides a programming interface that allows a user to define subtasks and to easily specify precedence constraints among them. Parsley uses these constraints to schedule subtasks at run time. In addition, the scheduling policy of Parsley is automatically improved during the execution of a program to reflect the hardware environment and resource usage. The basic scheduling policy is CP/MISF scheduling, but the subtask priorities are dynamically determined based on the execution time of each subtask, as monitored by the resource management facilities of Parsley. We developed a parallel molecular dynamics simulation program based on the Parsley mechanism.

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