NCPN: A Simulation Tool for Coloured Petri Nets

X. Liu, W. Gao, and N. Sun (PRC)


Coloured Petri Nets, Object-oriented, Event-driven simulation


This paper presents NCPN, a compact but powerful simulation tool for Coloured Petri nets(CPN). The design issues of developing such a tool are discussed. The object oriented mechanism and event-driven simulation are applied in NCPN. A class library is provided to model a wide range of different structures and behaviors of CPN. The paper describes NCPN structure and some key algorithms. Benefits of NCPN such as hierarchical modeling and CPN structure extensions are mentioned. To illustrate the capabilities of NCPN, the sliding window protocol using go back n is simulated on NCPN and the effects of noisy channel on the protocol with different window size are evaluated.

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