Characteristic-entry Logs in the Memorysafe Information System

Y. Qian, L.M.G. Feijs, and R. Udink (The Netherlands)


Logs, Consistency, Replication, Information Systems


In this paper, we present characteristic-entry logs as a solution for keeping replicated data consistent in mobile computing environments. Some logging mechanisms have been used in replicated file and database systems to resolve in consistencies which may be introduced by concurrent up dates on the replicated data during network partitioning and device connection failures. On the one hand, log sizes are often empirically determined by administrators. Frequent accesses during long network failures can cause log over flow. On the other hand, when using semantic knowledge to resolve inconsistencies, only part of information in logs is used. We propose characteristic-entry logs to solve these problems. Characteristic-entry logs record merely the data accessing activities that may be used in semantically re solving inconsistencies. Thus, both log redundancy and overflow can be avoided. In this paper, we describe the concepts and design of characteristic-entry logs and how this mechanism is implemented and used in the MemorySafe system to resolve inconsistencies of replicated data.

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