A Parallel Cell-based Filtering Scheme using Data De-clustering

S.-B. Park, C.-B. Shim, and J.-W. Chang (Korea)


High-dimensional data, Parallel index structure, data warehousing, multimedia database


For efficiently retrieving high-dimensional data in data warehousing and in multimedia database, many high-dimensional index structures have been proposed, but they have so called 'dimensional curse' problem that retrieval performance is extremely decreased as the dimensionality is increased. To solve the problem, the cell-based filtering (CBF) scheme has been proposed, but it shows a linear decreasing on performance as the dimensionality. In this paper, we propose a parallel CBF scheme using horizontally-partitioned data declustering. Our parallel CBF scheme overcomes linear performance decrease due to the increase in the amount of data, thus achieving better retrieval performance than the conventional CBF scheme.

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