A Software Process Framework

T. Torabi, T. Dillon, and W. Rahayu (Australia)


Software Process, XML, Software Process Repository, Customisation


Distributed software development environments have become a reality. Many projects large or medium are being developed in a collaborative approach where the developers and stakeholders are physically located in different sites and location across a country or across the world. The need for software development environment, which is flexible, customisable, and will support all the development activities during development and maintenance has been realised. This paper presents a Software Process Framework developed to address some of the issues in defining the appropriate software process to satisfy the ever-changing needs of organisations and their projects. This framework integrates the organisational model as a component with static and dynamic elements of the software process. Using a XML representation, the framework is designed to provide the deployment of the desired process model at level 3 and above of the CMM model by addressing software process improvement and metrics for quality control. The model is intended to cater for problems such as customisation, deployment, and monitoring of software process in all hierarchical level of organisations.

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