Business Processes to Use Cases – Integration of Use Case Modelling and Object-oriented Software Development

J.-B. Hundehege, S. Lippe, F.M. Thiesing, and C. Wiegand (Germany)


Business Process Modeling, Use Case Modeling, Object oriented software development


For the requirement-driven development of information systems, it is necessary to integrate business process models into the requirements engineering phase. In recent years, object-orientation has become a standard in software development. On the other hand, process oriented methods (such as event driven process chains (EPC)) are used by many companies for modeling, analyzing and redesigning business processes. To close the gap resulting from the different methods, we propose a method for integrating Use Cases and Business Process Models. We developed a check list that supports the software designer using the suggested method. This check list was applied successfully in the software company GAD eG, Muenster, Germany.

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