The Functional Feature Network Diagram – To Facilitate the Understanding of Business Application Functions and their Relationships -

M. Itakura, K. Takeuchi, and K. Ueyama (Japan)


understanding requirements feature diagram functionality


We attempted to extract the characteristic functions of a business application, and to create model diagrams to illustrate these characteristic functions. The diagrams used in business application analysis include the class diagram (which illustrates the business application's functions, data structure and class structure), ER (entity relationship) diagram, use case diagram, and DFD (data flow diagram). These diagrams are difficult to understand for users who are unfamiliar with computers. Users want to easily understand what is possible. To achieve this goal, we focused on functional features, and attempted to create a formal method of extracting them, and to illustrate them as a network diagram. Using this diagram, the user can easily discover which functional features in a business application are key, and can see how much effect changing a given function will have. In future, users may be able to use functional features diagrammed in this manner to trace which programs are affected by changes to business application functions in the real world.

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