Basic DSSV-methodology

E. de Gentili (France)


Simulation, Validation, Software, Distributed Architecture,CORBA.


Our work consists in defining a modeling methodology for malism by software validation based on DEVS environ ment. The originality of this method is based on a generic approach of High Level Simulation allowing the abstrac tion and the independence compared to the validation spec ifications before physical implementation. We also high light the following levels of validation: level abstract spec ification, level formal specifications and code level. The major interest of this method resides in the fact that start ing from the level of validation that we wish to obtain, it is possible to re-use the same structures of models because the models are generic thus reusable. In this paper we will de tail this method called DSSV-methodology (DEVS based Software Simulation and Validation methodology) which we will apply and validate in the field of Telecommunica tion to environment CORBA and more particularly to the Modelling and Simulation of the Portable Object Adapter.

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