Improving the Position of Usability Activities in the Organisation by Reusing Existing Knowledge and Assessing Performance

G. Al-Qaimari and L. Agi (Australia)


Usability, knowledge reuse, capability assessment, organizational tasks, metrics


This paper introduces a process-based approach that sup ports organizational commitment to user-centred design by planning usability initiatives. The approach proposes organizations establish an experience reuse-oriented soft ware development model and complete seven organiza tional tasks. The organizational tasks increase usability awareness and provide visibility into the intricacies of the cultural change by assessing the current status of usability performance in the organization using behavioural capabil ity process models such as ISO 18529 and metrics. Es tablishing a knowledge base that captures and disseminates usability knowledge and organizational experience(s) gen erated from practicing usability activities, supports practi tioners in their development tasks and promotes the beneļ¬ts of UCD to all stakeholders. Collaboratively these help to improve the position of usability in an organization.

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