Reuse Metrics and Assessment in Component-based Development

A.J.A. Wang (USA)


Component-based software engineering, reuse, metrics,assessment


Component-based software engineering is characterized by its two major activities: development for reuse, and development with reuse. This paper argues that reusability metrics should be defined differently for these two different development activities: In “development for reuse”, reusability is maximized to make the component in development as reusable as possible in various context and purposes. In “development with reuse”, on the other hand, components with lower cost and lower irrelevant reusability should be selected in order to minimize the cost and complexity of the system. We provide a static metrics for measuring reusability of components in development for reuse, based on the internal structure and services provided by the components. For development with reuse, we provide a dynamic metrics for cost-benefit analysis to pick up the best components in terms of their reusability.

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