Inserting Components Incrementally

G. Jónsdóttir, D. Flagg, L. Davis, and R. Gamble (USA)


Software architecture, interoperability, architecture analysis, incremental fit, reuse.


When faced with the challenge of integrating a large number of software components, IT departments often construct an application with a subset of crucial components and then, incrementally insert the rest. Incremental integration is practical and can reduce-time-to market if the fit of a component can be assessed quickly and reliably and if the current integration solution can be reused with minimal changes. Both concerns rely on a keen understanding of the existing interoperability problems that determines the functionality embodied by the integration solution. In this paper, we describe an approach to analyze the fit of a software component in an existing multi-component application: what the problems are, the solutions, and the overall impact on the application.

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