Using and Specializing JAFAR, a Pattern-based J2EE Framework: An Auction Case Study

N. Guelfi and B. Ries (Luxembourg)


Software Architecture, Software Development, J2EE, Design Pattern, Object-Oriented Frameworks, CASE tool.


Sun’s J2EE environment is becoming one of the major technologies for the development of web applications. The reuse of stable and integrated components is a well known mean to achieve effective software development. Frameworks have this objective but few frameworks are available for the J2EE platform, and moreover, they are rarely integrated in a global methodological approach supported by a tool. Furthermore, the available literature mainly provides a general conceptual presentation of frameworks. The objective of this paper is to present, from a pragmatic perspective, the use of the J2EE framework called JAFAR devoted to the development of web applications. As JAFAR has been developed from a software engineering point of view, we also show how its use can be supported by CASE tools that support design modeling and allows pattern-based development. For this purpose we used the Rational XDE environment.

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