Test Sequences Generation from UML Collaboration Diagrams: Towards a Formal Approach

L. Badri and M. Badri (Canada)


Object-Oriented Testing, Use Case, Collaboration Diagram, Objects Behavior, Interactions between Objects, Formal Description, Generation, Test Sequences.


The dynamic interactions between a group of objects, for the realization of a system functionality (use case) or a complex operation of an object, may be specified by using UML collaboration diagrams. The information included in a collaboration diagram has to be preserved during the transformation of the specification into an implantation. Test generation based upon a specification described into a collaboration diagram is actually a poorly exploited approach. It presents many advantages. The test sequences generation technique proposed in the present article, in complement of our previous work on the individual behavior of objects, is a novel approach. It is based on objects groups' behavior. The generated sequences allow verifying whether the implantation of the different functionality’s of a system is in accordance with the specification. These sequences take into consideration not only the dynamic interactions between objects, but the different aspects related to their control as well.

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