Class Specification Implementation Graphs for Integrated Black- and White-box Testing

S. Beydeda and V. Gruhn (Germany)


Graphical software model, integrated black- and white-box testing, class-level testing, test suite reduction.


Although both black- and white-box testing have the same objective, namely detecting faults in a program, they are of ten conducted separately. In our opinion, the reason is the lack of techniques and tools integrating both strategies, al though integration can substantially decrease testing costs. Specifically, an integrated technique can generate a reduced test suite, as single test cases can cover both specification and implementation at the same time. This paper proposes a new graphical representation of classes, which can be used for integrated class-level black and white-box testing. Its distinguishingfeature from exist ing representations is that each method of a class is shown from two perspectives, namely the specification and imple mentation view. Both the specification of a method and its implementation are represented as control flow graphs, which allows black- and white-box testing by structural techniques. Moreover, a test suite reduction technique has been developed for adjusting white-box test cases to black box testing.

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