A Protocol Independent CSCW Architecture for Application Sharing

M. Hsiao, B. Chang, J.-W. Huang, and M.-H. Lee (Taiwan)


Application Sharing, CSCW


This paper presents an architecture and design of a CSCW system named Mobile Presentation System (MPS) for application sharing over heterogeneous computing environments. This architecture leverages legacy remote desktop display protocols and extends to support application on demand over the Internet. The MPS execution environment consists of three tiers: MPS Clients, MPS Gateway and MPS Host Manager. The client handles display rendering and application manipulation. It sends connection requests and input events to the MPS Gateway, receives resource information and display update from the Gateway. The MPS Gateway acts as a mediator which links connections between two ends, the client and the host manager. The tasks performed by the Gateway include connection management, directory service of resources spreading over remote hosts, display customization, and event distribution between two ends. The MPS Host is responsible for screen capturing and delivery to the MPS Gateway as well as providing platform dependent resource attributes to MPS Gateway for directory service. The result is a collaborative environment, which allows users to access computing resources on remote computers through various kinds of devices ranging from desktop PC, tablet PC to PDA.

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