A Real Time Surround Display using PC Clusters

J.-D. Choi, K.-J. Byun, and B.-T. Jang (Korea)


Multi-channel, PC Clusters, Rendering System, Game Engine


This note describes a synchronization method for use of the multi-channel display and the associated clustered PC rendering systems, within multi user Virtual Reality online games with real time frame rates. From a conventional arcade games consisted of a monitor and computer pair to online VR arcade games consisted of various VR devices in multi-players environment, there have been many different types of arcade games in the market. As new VR technologies have been getting cheaper, new arcade games tend to provide a user with an immersive game environment. This paper proposes a method to generate a wide FOV game display without a uniform display surface. This proposed method is consisted of two parts. One is a Multi-Channel Clustered System and the other is a Multi Projection display system. Multi-Channel Clustered System is a scaleable system which generates a large FOV game display in real time, and each PC, consisting the cluster, renders its uniquely assigned part of the game display. Multi-Projection display system projects the large FOV game display on an arbitrary display surface. In this paper, Multi-Channel Clustered System and Single-Projection display on an arbitrary surface are presented.

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