The Editing Aspect of Aspects

T. Panas, J. Andersson, and U. Assmann (Sweden)


Aspect Oriented Programming, Aspect editing, Aspect folding, Inline Aspects, Outline Aspects, Hyper planes.


In this paper, we suggest improvements for the editing of aspects where aspects denote crosscutting concerns in the sense of Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP). The nota tion of Hyperplanes, which is the cross-cutting of aspects and core into different context editable fragments, is intro duced. Further, a classiļ¬cation of aspects into inline and outline is provided. While outline aspects can be regarded as aspects introduced in AOP, which constitute core depen dent modules, inline aspects are aspects that remain in the core code. Additionally, we introduce and demonstrate the advantages of inline aspect editing compared to conven tional outline editing used nowadays, with tool assistance.

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