CMM and Software Process Maturity – An Industry Experience

J.-C. Liou (USA)


Software Engineering, project management, process improvement, process maturity


During the last decade, software engineering researchers have tried to identify the success and obstacle factors to the software development. Conclusions from most of the researches related to the issue show that software process is one of the most important subjects contributing into the success or failure to the software development. The Capability Maturity Model (CMM), the ISO9000 series, and best practices are some well known parts of the process management and improvement standards or guidelines. Among them, the CMM is the one specially focusing on the software development. In this paper, we demonstrate that leadership and other human factors can negatively affect the process maturity of software development organizations. Even for those organizations that are assessed for certain levels of process maturity, with no periodical audit from CMM assessors, their process maturity still under influence of these factors. These human factors, based on the industry experience, are identified and possible resolutions are discussed.

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