A Framework for Browser-based User Interfaces in J2EE

A. Löhr (Germany), J. Beck, R. Martin (USA), and B. Brügge (Germany)


J2EE, UI Components, UI Framework, Design Pattern


J2EE is a young but powerful technology for implement ing enterprise applications, but the process by which Java Servlets, JSPs and other Java components are assembled to create a working web browser-based user interface is un specified and ad-hoc. This means that most user interfaces are written from scratch. What’s missing is a framework that lends structure to the problem, specifies the interac tions between the elements of the solution, facilitates the creation of software components, and provides developers with a template for creating new user interfaces on a ba sis of sharing and reusing code. It should also have built-in support for common request handling issues. This paper in troduces such a framework for building web browser-based user interfaces in J2EE. The framework is described and an example is given to illustrate how it is used and the benefits that can be achieved.

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