Web-based Software Component Trial System and Its Evaluation

H. Washizaki, M. Motomura, and Y. Fukazawa (Japan)


Component-Based Development, Web-Based System, Software Reuse, JavaBeans


The reuse of software components is a key to realize Component-Based Development (CBD). When application programmers want to reuse software components, static documents attached to components are insuf´Čücient as infor mation about the dynamic behavior of components. In this paper, we propose a new component trial system that en ables the trial usage of components over the Internet from a remote site. Our system instantiates components on the server, and provides the web browser with readable prop erty values and Graphical User Interface (GUI) images of components whenever methods of components are invoked by input argument values. As a result of comparative evalu ation, it is found that the usefulness of our system is greater than those of conventional techniques.

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