On Web Site Accessibility

H. Azzam, D. McBain, and S. Meredith (USA)


Web Pages, Links, URL, Page Depth


A model for the representation of web page accessibility is presented. The depth of a page along one of its root paths (a set of links starting at the top of the web site and ending on the page being considered) is computed. The depth of the page is represented by a number proportional to the rapidity by which a user can find the page on the site. The depth of the page is modeled using three parameters: Irrelevance, a measure of the relevance of the wording of each link to the content of the destination page, Inconsistency of the look-and-feel of each page compared to the rest of the pages in the site, and Obscurity which is proportional to the difficulty of visually finding the links on the pages leading to the destination page. An implementation of the model is presented. Also we prove that a variation of Inconsistency and Obscurity over the pages of a root path form an order relation with one partition encompassing all the pages of the path, while Irrelevance does not.

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