WIND: A Web-based Information System to Manage Operational Processes

C. Maidantchik, V. Costa, M. Montoni, C. Rocha, and A.P. Wauke (Brazil)


Web-based information system, processimprovement, measurements.


Information technology has become a key aspect to manage modern organizations, to support their business processes and to attend market demands. Nowadays, the Web is increasingly used as a powerful platform to develop information systems and to establish interfaces with legacy systems. Organizations take the advantage of the Web technology as an efficient and cost effective way to integrate information, support internal work and allow distributed access throughout the enterprise. This paper presents a Web-based information system that provides essential features to support an operational process monitoring method. The system manages all data related to the processes and their measurements. It also offers a graphical measurements analysis allowing the specialists to compare resulting values with expected ones. With this facility, they can identify distortions and emergency actions are taken to avoid undesirable outcomes. Since the system supports the identification of processes weaknesses, it can be considered as a powerful tool to process improvement. The use of Web-based information systems and process control procedures seems to be an effective way to keep an organization competitive. The project has been developed in collaboration between a worldwide telecommunications company and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

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