An Image Copyright-protection Approach WITHOUT Signature Insertion

M. Haseyama and I. Kondo (Japan)



Various watermarking algorithms have provided success ful solutions for copyright protection and authentication of multimedia data. Watermarking techniques usually embed a watermark into an original host therefore the original con tent is altered. When authors/owners of art works desire to distribute their products in the original quality while re quire the copyrights to be properly protected, the water mark embedding techniques cannot satisfy such a require ment. To respond to such requirements, this paper proposes a new image copyright-protection system, which does not alter the original images at all while provides a robust and reliable authentication scheme to the protected images. The proposed system consists of a signature generation subsys tem and a signature extraction subsystem. Neither of the subsystems requires any signatures to be embedded in the original images. The experimental results show that our system can survive attacks to the images and can correctly extract the signature for authentication.

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