Technical Target Setting in Software Quality Function Deployment

F. Liu (USA), K. Noguchi (Japan), A. Dhungana, V.V.N.S.N. Srirangam A., and P. Inuganti (USA)


quality, SQFD, benchmarking,linear regression, impact analysis.


Target setting in software quality function deployment is very important since it is directly related to development of high quality products with high customer satisfaction. However target setting is usually done subjectively in practice. In this paper, we explore three quantitative approaches to set target values: benchmarking, primitive linear regression and linear regression based on impact analysis. The first and second approaches have been developed and applied in industry [1]. But these approaches cannot be used to assess the impact of unachieved targets on satisfaction of customers for customer requirements. The aim of this paper is to present a systematic approach in SQFD to overcome some of their drawbacks, such as subjective decisions made by the SQFD team. It is based on assessment of impact of technical attributes on satisfaction of customer requirement using linear regression technique.

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