A Software Protection Solution for Application Service Providers

T.-H. Wu and J.-S. Jwo (Taiwan)


Software Protection, Framework, JavaCard, ApplicationService Provider (ASP)


In this paper we propose a software protection solution that can protect legal usage of the Internet services provided by application service providers (ASP) for authorized users. The framework of our solution contains three major components, namely, Software Protection Service (SPS), Software Protection Terminal (SPT) and Software Protection Key (SPK). By embedding the target software into SPT, authorized users use SPK to check in the service supported by the server-side SPS and then they can legally retrieve the services from the server to the target software. The advantages of our solution are (a) it decouples the protection mechanism and the target software, (b) it can control the resources of a service available only to the legitimate user during his/her leasing time period and expired when leasing is terminated, and (c) it can restrict software usage dynamically by following the protection policy defined in the SPS. Currently, JavaCard technology is adopted for SPK as the authorization and authentication device.

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