Code Generation System based on Feature Diagram and XML/XSLT

S.-H. Choi and M. Kwon (Korea)


Software Product Lines, Component Code Generation, Feature Modeling, XML/XSLT Technology


Component-based product line engineering is an emerging software development paradigm, where the specific software products are built by generating and assembling the custom components from software product line assets. This new paradigm needs the more elaborate component engineering early in the life cycle for modeling and supporting the commonalities and variabilities among the members of the component family. This paper proposes the component code generation system based on the feature diagram and XML/XSLT technologies. Our approach makes use of feature diagram for component customization, XML documents for component specification and configuration rule, and XSLT for component implementation. The techniques of this paper allows the component reusers to get automatically their own component source code only by providing the values and choices of variabilities represented in the feature diagram of the component family. The real world example, the code generation for a list container family, shows the applicability of the feature model and XML related technologies in the area of the generative programming. Proposed approach enforces understandability of the component, standardization of component information, modifiability of configuration rule, extensibility of generated code and generation process and so on. Our system should be easily extended to support the larger-granular component generation.

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