Integrating Legacy High-fidelity Engine Analysis Code with Aerospace Propulsion Simulation Components

G. Follen, C. Kim, I. Lopez, J. Sang, S. Townsend, and D. Zhang (USA)


Code wrapping; Component object; CORBA; DLM; Numerical zooming; Software reuse


Within NASA’s High Performance Computing and Com munication (HPCC) program, the NASA Glenn Research Center(GRC) is developing a large scale, detailed simula tion environment for the analysis and design of aircraft en gines called the Numerical Propulsion System Simulation (NPSS). NPSS is a component-based object-oriented en gine simulator which focuses on the integration of differ ent engine components, coupling of multiple disciplines, and zooming engine components at appropriate level of fidelity. The subject of this paper is a discussion on nu merical zooming between a NPSS engine simulation and higher fidelity representation of the engine components. We present two software techniques supported by NPSS for wrapping a 1-dimensional high pressure compressor code written in Fortran into a simulation component. One is based on the Dynamically Loadable Module (DLM) and the other is via the Common Object Request Broker Archi tecture(CORBA). The pros and cons of these techniques are also discussed.

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