The Software Concordance: A User Interface for Advanced Software Documents

S.C. Gupta, T.N. Nguyen, and E.V. Munson (USA)


software engineering environments, versioned hypermedia


The Software Concordance is a hypermedia software de velopment environment exploring how document technol ogy and versioned hypermedia can improve software doc ument management. The Software Concordance’s central tool is a document editor that integrates program analysis and hypermedia services for both source code and multi media documentation in XML. The editor allows develop ers to embed inline multimedia documentation, including images and audio clips, into their program sources and to bind them to any program fragment. Web style hyperlinks are also supported. The developers are able to move seam lessly between source code and the documentation that de scribes its motivation, design, correctness and use without disrupting the integrated program analysis services, which include lexing, parsing and type checking. This paper motivates the need for environments like the Software Concordance, describes the key features and architecture of its document editor and discusses future work to improve its functionality.

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