Target Builder: An Embedded Linux Development Toolkit

W.-C. Kang, H.-C. Yun, H.-N. Kim, and Y.-J. Jeong (Korea)


Software Design, Software Development, Software Tools, Embedded Systems programming, Embedded Linux, Maintainability


Traditional embedded Linux development requires high experience and long learning time because of its low usability. Therefore, the usability is the main issue in the development of the embedded Linux tools, and this low usability leads to an alternative configuration/build system in tools. But, the alternative systems require tremendous maintenance work for every kernel/application release because of the open-source nature of Linux. Target Builder is an embedded Linux development toolkit, which reconciles those two conflicting motivations, usability and maintainability, by integrating standard tools and extending their usability. It supplements standard tools’ low usability by supporting integrated configuration/build system and a GUI-based IDE, which provide consistency and interoperation between separate tools. In particular, configuration tool in Target Builder support integrated configuration of all operation environment, which makes it possible to check dependencies in a whole system. Target Builder also provides functionalities such as; online-help, build management, pre-configuration setup, size optimization and deployment to the target. Our experience with Target Builder showed it reduced much development time, and it was highly resilient for the possible changes of the components like Linux kernel and application packages.

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