Domain Analysis – A Technique for Requirements Analysis

J.E. Picarelli and B.M. Daltrini (Brazil)


Software Engineering, Information Systems, Requirement Analysis.


In the context of Information Systems development supported by software applications, the coherence between abstraction and representation is a fundamental factor in producing good and useful requirement models. Thus, a Requirement Analysis technique that signals, makes it visible, enhances and guides this coherence, may contribute considerably in developing and evaluating models produced by this technique. The called Domain Analysis, presented herewith, intends to be this technique. It is based on concepts of Approach, Systemic value or Object Oriented, and a Domain comprising three entities, namely, Limit, Focus and Plane. The Limit defines a context, the Focus stresses a certain aspect, and the Plane categorizes in predefined classes the different kinds of requirements according to its nature or purpose.

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