Requirements Interactions Management: A Multi-level Framework

M. Shehata and A. Eberlein (Canada)


Software requirements, reusability, requirements interaction management, requirements attributes.


The development of software based on reusable requirements has received more attention lately because of the benefits it can potentially provide for software development [1], [2]. However, this type of development is not an easy task to do. It is our belief that such development must be done in conjunction with careful management of the relations and dependencies that can arise from combining requirements of already existing components. This paper deals with requirements interaction management at different levels of complexity. We present a framework for the detection of requirements interactions at three levels. The first level of this framework can be used in situations where information about known interactions is already available in a knowledge base. The second level identifies likely (but not guaranteed) interactions between requirements based on requirements attributes. The third level requires the development of formal models of the system, which is very time consuming but very efficient in the detection of feature interactions. The main purpose of this framework is to help developers detect interactions between requirements at different levels of complexity in a cost effective manner.

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