A Process for the Practical Selection of Requirements Modelling Approaches

E. Haywood and P. Dart (Australia)


Software Requirements, Modelling Languages.


This paper is concerned with the selection of suitable requirements modelling approaches within software system projects. Ideally, software developers would have access to a range of modelling approaches and integrated support tools, which together enable models to be constructed, validated, and used to greatest effect. This presupposes that the practitioners are well versed in the applicability of each of the modelling approaches available and that the integrated supporting tools are adequate. This ideal is not yet attainable, though some progress has been made in the development and integration of various modelling approaches as well as associated tools. This paper describes the work undertaken by the authors to address the question of how practitioners might choose which of those currently available modelling approaches are most suitable for use within their project, and also of how researchers might evaluate the applicability of new modelling approaches as they are developed.

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