A Mediator-based Architecture for Capability Management

N. Boudjlida (France)


Knowledge Representation, Database, Description Logic,Classification, Mediation, Distribution.


The capture, the structuring and the exploitation of the ex pertise or the capabilities of an “object” (like a business partner, an employee, a software component, a Web site, etc.) are crucial problems in various applications, like co operative and distributed applications or e-business and e commerce applications. The work we describe in this paper concerns the advertising of the capabilities or the know how of an object. The capabilities are structured and orga nized in order to be used when searching for objects that satisfy a given objective or that meet a given need. One of the originality of our proposal is in the nature of the an swers the intended system can return. Indeed, the answers are not Yes/No answers but they may be cooperative an swers in that sense that when no single object meets the search criteria, the system attempts to find out what a set of “complementary” objects that do satisfy the whole search criteria, every object in the resulting set satisfying part of the criteria. In this approach, Description Logics is used as a knowledge representation formalism and classification techniques are used as search mechanisms.

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