Fuzzy Multilevel Multicriteria Decision Making Methodology for Facility Layout Problem

U. Misra, U.D. Gundevia, and V.V. Mishra (India)


Multicriteria, Optimization, AHP, andFLP.


This paper proposes a new strategy for multi criteria analysis introducing a new concept of multi leveling. The optimization achieved is compared with a traditional method, the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). In this context, a Facility Layout Problem (FLP) in form of Radar Deployment is considered. A FLP is one in which there is a restricted domain space and several items are to be placed or a domain space is to be optimally covered using restricted number of items. Also, the placement of each item may depend on the order of the previous items placed. We develop an allocation method, combining results from several criteria separately judged by Decision-Maker (DM), to rank such items in the order they may be placed. This strategy demands lesser from the DM and is more comprehensive.

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