An Image-based Approach for Human Communication on the WWW

T. Ogawa, M. Tsukamoto, Y.-H. Loh, T. Nakao, and S. Nishio (Japan)


Virtual Reality, Pseudo3D Space, Photo Realistic, WWW


The paper describes a communication support system implemented using web technology, and based on a tech nique called IBNR (Image-Based Non-Rendering)[11]. Es sentially participants are represented as avatars overlaid on a photographic image. Communication is via typed-in text displayed in balloons anchored to participants. In general, it is known that location is an important factor in commu nication which affects the contents and the moods of the conversation. We realize a communication support system which allows communication that depends on the users’ lo cation using realworld images. In the implemented system, the relationship among scenes is taken into consideration in the process of communication. We also discuss some communication methods and web applications which uti lize this constructed pseudo-3D space.

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