An Extended Web Services Framework

E. Dogdu (USA)


Web Services, transactions, SOAP, distributed computing.


Next generation distributed software systems will be built using new middleware technologies that take advantage of ubiquitous Internet protocols. The latest arrival in middleware technologies is “Web Services” that contains a number of basic standard protocols such as SOAP, XML, WSDL, UDDI. Current Web Services framework only specifies how distributed components can talk to each other and use each other’s functionality in a seamless manner. Real business applications require higher levels of dependability and quality when using these technologies. There are ongoing academic and industrial efforts in extending the current Web Services framework to enable such uses of Web Services, namely new protocols, techniques, and frameworks that will allow users to develop web services-based systems that are dependable. Here we propose one such framework that will allow users to: (1) compose Web Services requests in new applications that provide transactional guarantees of execution, (2) automate the execution of composed Web Services transactions to provide user and system specified Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees. In this framework, automated execution is accomplished on Web Services Monitors (WSM), and to this end, server optimization techniques will be employed by way of real time processing, priority-based scheduling, and server load balancing techniques for high system throughput in WSMs.

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