A Gateway to Interconnect Corporate and Mobile Telephony Operator Networks for Two-way SMS Messages Interchange

G.M.C. de Souza, S.V. Fialho, and S. Tamman (Brazil)


SMS, Two-Way SMS, MobileCommunication, Mobile Computing, Corporate databases,Internet.


Remote access to corporate information is becoming imperative to authorized users performing certain routines in the administration of modern enterprises. This paper discusses some alternatives to solve this problem and shows the advantages of using mobile communications facilities and its Short Message Service (SMS) as a promising option, when one needs simplicity, efficiency and a low cost solution in the transmission of limited size information. It is also described herein the development of a gateway system designed to implement such service: it provides the needed communication between the corporate and the mobile operator networks for two-way messages interchange. This gateway enables authorized users to query classified data in corporate databases, such as clients’ records, stock records or Social Security records. Besides, as the application is based on TCP/IP protocols, this gateway also provides access to information on the Internet, implementing services such as: recovery of e-mails accounts’ messages; words translation using electronic dictionaries; consultation of stock market indexes and other information located on specific Internet Web servers. Some security issues are also discussed, as the implemented service must be kept free from intrusion.

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