A New Digital Rights Management Platform for Digital Images

N. Sinha (USA)


Digital Watermarking, Digital Rights Management


In this Digital Age, all forms of digital media content are available for electronic distribution. Hence there is a need to manage, store, protect and distribute digital im ages, video, and audio using schemes which can protect, detect and verify ownership. This paper presents a com plete Digital Rights Management System (DRMS) for dig ital images. One of the components in a DRMS is the information embedding technique for incorporating a dig ital watermark to protect, detect and verify ownership of digital data. This digital watermarking technique is based on Adaptive segmentation and Space-Frequency represen tation (WASSFR). Other components in this DRMS are Encryption, Channel Coding and Synchronization Mech anism. This paper attempts to build a complete digital rights management scheme (incorporating these compo nents) suitable for practical applications such as secure dig ital image distribution.

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