Mobile Fleet Application using Soap and System on Devices (SYD) Middleware Technologies

S.K. Prasad, M. Weeks, Y. Zhang, A. Zelikovsky, S. Belkasim, R. Sunderraman, and V. Madisetti (USA)


Handheld Devices, Middleware, Embedded Software, Persistent Mobile Objects, System on Devices, SyD.


This paper presents a fleet management application with heterogeneity of devices and data, database synchronization, group transactions, peer-to-peer computing, and mobility support. We simulate a delivery service's fleet of trucks with PCs and hand-held devices, and describe how the system works together. To send messages between devices, we use the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), allowing heterogeneous devices to communicate as peers. We examine current scenarios of our system, and discuss future enhancements. The adhoc nature of the solutions based on the existing technologies has led us to design a comprehensive middleware, namely, System on Devices (SyD), which we also describe briefly. SyD enables rapid development of collaborative applications, such as a fleet system, over heterogeneous, independent, data stores, devices, and wired and wireless networks, including those involving the web services.

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