Adaptive Transmit Power Control (ATPC) Design for Point-to-Point Microwave Link Application in Tropical Regions

T.A. Rahman and T.C. Leng (Malaysia)


Adaptive transmit power control, rain attenuation,microwave link, transceiver system simulation.


In tropical region, rain attenuation is the major constraint in microwave system design above 10 GHz. The extreme of propagation channel environment due to rain has brought to the research and development of adaptive transmit power control (ATPC). The ATPC varying the transmit power level in order to maintain the receive signal level (RSL) above the threshold for bit-error-rate (BER) desired. This paper has discussed the ATPC system design. It reported the design considerations in terms of fade margin and system gain that required in an ATPC design for microwave link. Simulation is performed for analyzing the effect of ATPC to the transceiver performance. Experiment is setup for observing the response of the ATPC to real time rain fading.

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