MCDP-LAN, An Efficient Multimedia Content Distribution Protocol over LAN

F. Burrull, F.M. Monzo-Sanchez, J. Garcia-Haro, J. Malgosa-Sanahuja (Spain)


POS, multimedia, LAN, broadcast protocol.


A very usual architecture is one consisting of a set of POS (Point Of Sales terminal), built on top of PC’s, interconnected in a Local Area Network environment. Following the Client-Server model, a POS usually acts as a client, which eventually interacts with the server. This model does not work in the case of a server failure, and, even if the server is robust, the system can be easily collapsed when the number of clients increases and their demands are intense, for example, on the case under consideration in this paper, that is, multimedia traffic. Using the Client-Server model in such scenario leads to deficient service and slow response. Given a platform of a set of POS interconnected with an ethernet hub, the problem is how to distribute multimedia data fast and efficiently. In this paper MCDP-LAN (Multimedia Content Distribution Protocol over LAN), a protocol that solves this problem, is proposed and presented.

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