MoKa: A Wireless Internet Application for Delivering Mobile Karaoke on UMTS Devices

M. Roccetti, P. Salomoni, V. Ghini, S. Ferretti, S. Cacciaguerra, and A. Sorcinelli (Italy)


Wireless Multimedia, Entertainment Computing, Music onDemand, Large Scaled Karaoke, UMTS


Karaoke is a MTV-type multimedia entertainment service which has gained a lot of popularity in Asia, US and Europe. With the advent of the wireless Internet and of Internet-enabled cellular phones, a growing demand is emerging for delivering such kind of multimedia entertainment service to wireless handheld devices, on a large scale. We have developed a wireless Internet application suitable for delivering karaoke multimedia clips to mobile devices over UMTS links. Our experience shows that an adequate structuring of the wireless Internet application along with the use of modern 3G mobile network technologies may be effective for the delivery of modern multimedia services to mobile consumers.

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