Asymmetric Key Encryption using Distributed Chaotic Nonlinear Dynamics

R. Tenny, L.S. Tsimring, H.D.I. Abarbanel, and L. Larson (USA)


Nonlinear dynamics, Chaos, Public Key Encryption, Coupled Map Lattice


In this paper we introduce a new method for public key encryption by using continuous nonlinear dynamics. We distribute a high-dimensional dissipative nonlinear dynamical system between transmitter and receiver, so we call the method: Distributed Dynamics Encryption (DDE). One part is a transmitter with public dynamics and the other part is a receiver with secret dynamics. The transmitter and receiver are coupled using bi-directional signals that are public. A message is encoded by modulating the dynamics of the transmitter which results in a shift in the position of the system’s attractor. An unauthorized receiver who does not know the secret dynamics of the receiver does not know the position of the attractor and can not decode the mes sage. We show that the security of DDE can be enhanced by modulating the secret dynamics of the receiver and initializing the transmitter state with a random value at the beginning of each transmitted bit. We implemented and crypt analyzed DDE using the dynamics of a coupled map lattice.

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