Chaotic Cryptosystem with Impulsive Synchronization of Lorenz System

K. Li, Y.C. Soh, and Z.G. Li (Singapore)


Chaotic Crypto system, Lorenz System, Impulsive Synchronization


In this paper, we present a new sufficient condition for the stabilization and the synchronization of Lorenz system. The Lorenz system is used in our chaotic secure cryptosystem and the relaxed stability condition enabled us to obtain a larger bound on the impulsive interval and hence a higher efficiency in bandwidth utilization. In the proposed system, we introduce a concept of magnifying glass to enlarge and observe some minor parameter mismatch and hence it increases the sensitivity and the security level of the cryptosystem. A chaotic impulsive control synchronization scheme with piecewise constant impulsive intervals is also used and it will be difficult for an intruder to replicate the synchronization impulse. This system can be used for encrypting digitized information. We shall use audio message transmission as an example to illustrate that the proposed cryptosystem can achieve excellent encryption effect and it is sensitive to the parameter mismatch.

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