A Mobility Support Mechanism for IP VPN on the MPLS Network

Y. Lee, H Choi, J. Na, and S. Sohn (Korea)




In this paper, we describe a mechanism that supports mobility service for VPN(Virtual Private Network) users on the MPLS(Multiprotocol Label Switching) network. This mechanism allows a VPN user to have the same VPN services even if the user moves to other site of the same VPN, or to a site of a different VPN. In such a VPN, routers have additional functions (Home Agent, Foreign Agent, Correspondent Agent) to support mobile VPN users. The MPLS VPN considered in this study is based on CE(Customer Edge) routers, rather than PE(Provider Edge) router-based one which is proposed in RFC 2547. We perform a simulation study to compare the performance of CE based MPLS VPN with that of PE(Provider Edge) based MPLS VPN with mobility support.

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