Performance Assessment of WDM Degree-four Chordal Ring Networks

M.M. Freire, R.M.F. Coelho, and J.J.P.C. Rodrigues (Portugal)


wavelength routing networks, traffic performance, fiber optics networks, chordal ring topology.


This paper presents an assessment of the traffic performance in wavelength routing optical networks with degree-three and degree-four chordal ring topologies. The performance analysis is focused on chord lengths that lead to smallest diameters and it is shown that the increase of the nodal degree from three (degree-three chordal rings) to four (degree-four chordal rings) improves the network performance if a larger number of wavelengths per link is available. The influence of wavelength interchange on the blocking probability gain, due to the increase of nodal degree, is also analysed and it is shown that this gain is small.

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