Towards Future Networks – Trends and Challenges

A. Vukovic, M. Savoie, and H. Hua (Canada)


fiber optics networks, next generation networks, all-optical networks, photonics, network architecture


Despite of the recent slowdown in the telecommunication industry, the pace of new and emerging technologies continues to accelerate at a fast rate. Continuing growth in traffic, a mobile Internet, e-commerce, content and multimedia service poses significant challenges for the development of next generation networks. Challenges range from reliable network performance, its scalability, openness and resource utilization to dynamic service provisioning and profitability. To fulfill future communication network requirements, predominantly driven by the growth of new and emerging services, next generation communication infrastructures rely on advances in component, module and system level complemented by innovative network architecture solutions and protocols. The heart of future networks is currently centered on building blocks for performing transport, switching, routing and conversion function in the transparent, optical domain. Enhancements and emerging technologies will be applied to feasibly re-architect today’s opaque communications network to profitable, transparent network of the future. New architectural solutions paired with advanced protocols will provide dynamic bandwidth provisioning, performance monitoring, protection restoration and tracking functionality. The success of that assignment in building future networks will shape both end user commodity services and service provider profitability.

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