Group Communication Enabled XML Browser

P. Cesar, M. Honkala, V. Kautto, K. Pihkala, J. Vierinen, and P. Vuorimaa (Finland)


WWW, XML, Peer-to-Peer, JXTA, User Interface and Browser.


This paper presents a browser framework that enables the web author to create P2P group communication services as XML documents. For this purpose, JXTA - a P2P networking framework – was integrated into the XML browser X-Smiles. Embedding P2P capabilities into X Smiles provides a framework, in which group communication services are fast and easy to implement. To show the benefits of this approach, three P2P services or applications were developed. These services are a chat, an instant messaging and a context-aware buddy search. The applications were developed as simple XML documents, and their application logic was implemented using ECMAScript. Since there is no need for a server, the maintenance of the applications will be minimal. The main conclusion is that once a P2P framework extension has been added to X-Smiles, group communication services are easy, fast and cost effective to implement and maintain.

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